Monday, August 22, 2005

A trip to Agona-Swedru

Well, the downside to having the head of the Phonetics Lab double as the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the entire University is that sometimes things come up which are more important than the Phonetics Lab; especially on the first day of school! Alas, I didn't get my tour of the lab (nor did I get to meet any grad students) because of some problems organizing their freshman orientation (Fun Fact: here, "Freshmen" are called "Freshers"). But on the upside, I had a long meeting this afternoon with the Fante phonologist Dr. Emmanuel Abakah, who if I haven't mentioned before has been a great help even before we came to Ghana. He even gave me a copy of his dissertation! Another loosely related fun fact is that a lot of men here seem to have the Christian names "Emmanuel" or "Ebenezer."

Yesterday we went to Agona-Swedru, for something new to see. There weren't any tourists there, and it seems that there wouldn't be anything to attract them; we walked around awhile and bought some food but there wasn't a whole lot that made Swedru stand out as a unique Ghanaian city. To me, it seemed like a cross between Koforidua (in size and bustle) and Winneba (it's only about half an hour inland from Winneba). I'd thought about collecting data there since the Agona area is known for its interesting dialect features, but a professor here at Winneba told me that Swedru is so cosmopolitan that everyone speaks Fante, and to my novice ear, that did seem true. More than that, though, is that I find it much harder to approach people in towns where I haven't spent any time (like Anomabo) than towns where I see the same people day after day (like Winneba). Winneba is nice that way, but it's a pretty small place. We're definitely ready to get to Accra!


Anonymous Kofi said...

I should say not everyone from swedru speak fante, i am speak twi, akuapem and english and i live in swedru. There are lots of tourist in swedru but as volunteers, they do travel outside to places like nearby town Oda which has the tallest tree in west africa i think and we have a nice hotel to relax also, The Greenland Hotel. Check it out some other time and you can conduct your interviews on many people i should think

1:46 AM, December 18, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


May I ask a question?

Was there a recent death of a Queen there in Swedru?

Believe the last name was: Nyankson..

Please help..


9:49 AM, July 01, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually it was Queen Mother Mercy?

Please let me know..


11:15 AM, July 01, 2008  
Blogger Lauren said...

Kofi, Thank you very much for your insightful and encouraging comments!

Bob, I'm sorry, unfortunately I am not at all up to date on events in Swedru. Good luck to you.


5:03 PM, July 01, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Man the Queen Mother who passed away is commonly known Princess Mageret.... srr the last name just skiped me.

I know her as MAGRET AKUA YEBOAH.... menn WELL she was the NKOSUO HENE. She was residing in Mennesota USA. I live in the same estate with her. for more detail if she is the one you are looking jux email me at


8:13 PM, October 07, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I will go to Swedru at the september this year. may anybody tell me more about this country? My email adress is


3:05 AM, May 03, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you tell me what the caucasian population is like in Ghana? Is it very small?

8:44 PM, July 01, 2009  
Blogger whitechocolatestrawberries said...

hey there!!!
I am daliah, I live in munich and will go in MArch for 5 weeks to Ghana, and exactlly to Swedru....can anybody tell me how it is like there?
I will be working in an orphanage and want to get to know a little the village and people in before hand from there.
Maybe Kofi???- COuld you tell me how safe or not safe it is there??
I am 20 years old, blonde and little...can I easily walk there in town alone?
Please be honest=)

holla from Munich,

8:25 AM, January 21, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello does any body know of a teach named rebecca robertson? Please I need to know if she is okay? Thank you

12:47 PM, July 01, 2010  
Anonymous swis old student said...

swedru is one of the most exciting towns in ghana,i like the spirit of the people and like roaming in their is not a problem cos you can walk at night even alone,they've lot of lovely resturants!they like chilling too swedru jam pa pa,love it. from old student of 'swis'

12:39 PM, July 27, 2010  
Anonymous de mantaray said...

i'm plannin on comin to Swedru around Christmas and New Year's. Any advice.

1:35 AM, November 06, 2011  
Anonymous vincent said...

hello i'm vincent, from kentucky ..i'm come to swebru in feb to meet a young lady there is it safe to go by my self? two how far from accra is it? three do it get cold there? pls get back to me thanks

5:38 PM, November 06, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello Vincent!!

i too met a young girl fr Swedru on the internet. her name is Vannesa_Woods. Is it the same girl ur going to meet??

7:32 AM, December 18, 2011  

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